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Helen Doron Education, a leader in progressive education, has launched in the UK. They offer safe and fun courses in Spanish, Mathematics, English, Literacy, Drama, and Early Child Development for kids aged 3 months to 12 years. The innovative programmes foster emotional expression, self-awareness, and holistic development while building self-confidence and leadership skills.

Helen Doron Education

Helen Doron Education is a new brand for the UK market. The franchise will initially be offering English literacy, English as a Second Language, early baby and toddler development and theatre education for children in courses ranging from birth until 12 years.

Founded in 1985 by experienced linguist and education specialist Helen Doron, Helen Doron Education is part of a growing global brand that provides franchisees a chance to change the educational paradigm, offering educational excellence, enjoyment, and creativity so children can reach their fullest potential. Encouraging emotional expression, self-awareness, and holistic development, Helen Doron has spent her life trailblazing and perfecting the world’s most innovative teaching method.

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After 40 years teaching over three million children across 1,200 franchised learning centres and academies in 40 countries, Helen Doron’s teaching methods help children pass their exams AND give them real-world skills in a safe, fun environment. The diverse programmes are backed by research and cater to different learning styles, building self-confidence and leadership skills.

As a Helen Doron franchisee, you can expect to:

  • Build an impressive business with high income and growth potential
  • Benefit from 40 years’ experience in 40 countries with 1,200+ Learning Centres
  • Join the Helen Doron Educational Group’s global community of passionate entrepreneurs
  • Leverage our award-winning global brand and reputation
  • Implement our proven methodology to teach English, theatre, education and early baby and toddler development – there is something for everyone!
  • Receive comprehensive guidance in all essential business disciplines including sales and marketing, finance, operations and service delivery
  • Enjoy a fulfilling career while making a real impact in your local community
  • Professional training courses providing franchisees with organisational, administrative and pedagogic information needed to open and operate the new franchise learning centre
  • Access exceptional support throughout your entire franchise journey.
“We are hugely excited to be bringing the Helen Doron brand to the UK and to find new business partners to expand our proven educational programmes. Having been born and raised in London, I feel like I’m coming home and cannot wait to spread the Helen Doron methodology, which has been taught worldwide for decades and is based on a deep understanding of how children learn best. By joining the Helen Doron Education family, you have the chance to combine a high-growth potential franchise opportunity with a vocation that helps children everywhere to develop, have fun, and achieve through our proven educational franchise programmes.”

Helen Doron, CEO of Helen Doron Education

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The opportunity in the market

The supplementary education marketing in the UK is worth an estimated £7.5 billion and continues to expand year-on-year. Helen Doron Education provides you with the opportunity to meet this demand in your local community. From your modern and welcoming learning centre, your expert team will enrich and empower children from birth until 12 years old with a unique and proven learning experience, the benefit of which they will feel for the rest of their lives!

Leaders in child education

Helen Doron Education offers a fun-packed and delightful, stress-free education, using exclusive learning materials and methods. Our classroom teachers are trained and qualified for the gold standard, resulting in the highest-quality learning experience. Our graduates are more than top students; they're dynamic, creative minds with a love for learning, strong self-esteem, excellent debating skills, and a genuine concern for the environment. Our franchisees, some with us over 25 years, are dedicated to enriching their communities and are passionate about children’s education. They receive full support, tools, and knowledge to achieve business success.

The power of our global brand

When we say we are behind you every step of the way, we mean it! Our international team bring four decades of experience and knowledge to your doorstep. With Helen Doron herself at the helm, our support structure ensures you get the best advice, access to systems and technology and ongoing innovation for your business. But don’t just take our word for it…

“Over the last 22 years, I’ve built a business with 62 learning centres located throughout Poland, employing 300 teachers, with over 12,000 students benefitting from the proven Helen Doron methodology. I would tell anyone thinking of joining the franchise to observe lessons, meet the people, talk to parents, and you will quickly become addicted and want to be part of the Helen Doron family.”

Joanna Cesarz- Krzystanek, Helen Doron English Southern Poland master franchise

More on our training and support for franchisees

Once you become a franchisee with Helen Doron Education, you will go through a 5-day business and an additional 5-day teacher training course of comprehensive training to help you (and your team) launch your new learning centre. We will also provide you with a dedicated regional manager who will guide you through the steps of getting the centre open and will continue to provide support in areas, including start-up assistance through to marketing, sales, organisational, and pedagogic training.

Other training and support available to you includes:

  • Onboarding – initial business training and start-up package
  • Intensive ongoing business training for franchisees (both online and offline)
  • Guidelines and Operational Manuals
  • Annual Global Franchise conference and national conferences
  • Frequent business training webinars covering a wide range of topics focused on improving and supporting our franchisees’ businesses
  • Annual business meetings
  • Periodic surveys to improve customer service.

Could you be the next Helen Doron franchisee?

We are looking for passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs seeking the perfect opportunity to shape young people’s lives while forging a lasting legacy in their community.

If you’re motivated, dedicated and looking for a rewarding opportunity in the education industry with a progressive and innovative brand, then this could be the perfect partnership for you.

How much does a Helen Doron Education franchise cost?

For anyone considering becoming a Helen Doron franchisee, there is a very compelling mix of financial and personal rewards in a sector ready for the world’s most progressive teaching method.

  • Single Location Developer:

Initial Investment: £35,000 Including Franchise fees, business and teacher training and the initial marketing start-up package.

  • Area Developer – multiple centres in prime locations:

Over a designated timeline, benefits include acceleration of income and faster growth.
Helen Doron Education Financial Data
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Helen Doron Education joins the British Franchise Association

With 1,200 learning centres worldwide, Helen Doron Education is proud to announce its accreditation as a member of the British Franchise Association (BFA).

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Established in 1985, the global education franchise has made significant progress in its expansion into the UK. This most recent recognition highlights both the brand’s international achievements and its ambitious plans to replicate its worldwide success within the UK market.

“Receiving BFA accreditation is an honour for Helen Doron Education,” commented Helen Doron, the brand’s namesake founder and CEO. “This partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity in educational franchising. It sets a benchmark that aligns with our core values of innovation, quality education, and empowering young minds globally. We are proud to now stand amongst the UK’s most well-regarded franchisors.”

BFA’s membership is awarded to franchises that showcase a commitment to building a sustainable, credible, and ethical franchise network. The BFA accredits franchisors against a strict set of criteria before offering membership – including an evaluation of the business model's viability, the level of support and training provided to franchisees, financial transparency, and adherence to ethical franchising practices. This assessment ensures that only those franchisors who demonstrate a genuine commitment to fostering positive franchisee relationships, promoting sustainable business growth and maintaining high standards of conduct can join the BFA.

Having taught over three million students across 1,200 franchised learning centres and academies in 40 countries over the past four decades, Helen Doron Education is now poised to expand its reach within the UK. Specialising in various educational programmes such as language learning, mathematics and early years education, the brand aims to create an engaging and enjoyable learning environment where children can thrive.

Helen Doron’s flagship centre is set to open in London towards the end of 2024. Helen herself reflects on the significance of this milestone: “I was born and raised in London, so it holds a special place in my heart. I am proud to bring our innovative programmes back to where it all began for me. 2024 marks the start of our journey to enrich the UK education landscape and make a lasting impact on students up and down the country. With the support and recognition from the BFA, we are now on the hunt for passionate franchisees who are committed to making a difference in education.”

Pip Wilkins, CEO of the BFA said: “We are really pleased that such a large international brand has made a commitment to join the association, to support its expansion plans in the UK market, and we very much look forward to seeing their future growth and success.”

Helen Doran Image
Helen Doran Image
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