Funding the Franchise Business


Franchise Fees

September 28, 2016| Funding the Franchise Business
As a franchisee, you are expected to pay an upfront fee or joining fee as well as on-going fees or royalties to the franchisor. For a full summary of the fees you will be expected to pay as a franchisee, click on the link provided.

The Franchisee & Franchisor

September 23, 2016| Funding the Franchise Business
This article lists the key financial fees both a franchisee and franchisor will have to consider before investing in a franchise opportunity (franchisee) or deciding to franchise a business (franchisor).

Financing A Franchise

September 22, 2016| Funding the Franchise Business
A franchisee can avail of many sources for financial assistance in starting up the franchise business. This can be in the form of a bank or other financial institutional loan, a loan from a family member or friend, or the franchisor might assist with funding for the franchise start-up costs.

The Millennials Guide to Franchising

Millennials are proving they’re Generation Entrepreneur. Read our guide to overcoming a possible lack of experience and finance.

The Secrets of Pitching for Franchise Investment

Alan J Gibson is an expert franchise consultant, and he knows how to pitch for investment. In this article he teaches us how to persuade a bank to lend you money and, if that fails, where else to go for funding.

The Practical Steps to Becoming a Franchisee

In his previous article, Alan J Gibson provided us with tips on how to find the right franchise for you. 'Play to your strengths', 'look in the mirror', 'choose with your head as much as your heart' all that contemplation is out of the way and the franchise hath been chosen, he gets down to business and explains what the practical steps are for getting yours up and running.

Three Material Things You Need to Be a Successful Franchisee

Starting and operating a new franchise is a challenge, and it takes certain material supplies to succeed.

Ulster Bank on Franchising and Showing it Off

by Franchise Direct| November 22, 2013| Funding the Franchise Business, General Franchise Information
Here Ulster Bank’s Business Manager answers questions about the bank’s views on franchising, their extensive preparation for last month's expo, and whether or not they’ll do it all again next year.

Unemployed and Entrepreneurial Youths Should Become Franchisees

The difficulty in finding a job makes the idea of self-employment – and being a franchisee – suddenly much more appealing to young people.

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