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Laura, Account Manager, Brian Tracy Solutions
After the Personal Success workshop, everyone in the office is more focused. Our teamwork has improved and we are getting more done. No one has to stay late anymore.
Karen Grant
For the past 15 years I have been very passionate about running, unfortunately, four years ago, I had a fall and fractured my hip, we then we had Covid and I had put on 3 stone. Eighteen months ago, I saw an advert on Facebook about Hitsona, Calne. Unique machines to lose weight, build your confidence, not a gym. I came along for a trial session and I was absolutely smitten with it. Initially I was doing two sessions a week I became so addicted to it, the atmosphere and the benefits that I went unlimited. In this last 18 months I have lost over 20 inches and three stone. I am now back to my running and thoroughly enjoying it. Through my experience and achievements at Hitsona Calne, of losing weight and getting fit again, the opportunity for an additional coach came up. I applied and since January my experiences of helping people and the benefits they are all achieving has now progressed me to be General Manager of Hitsona, Calne. As a Hitsona member, then a coach and now a General Manager, I have seen so many changes in our members. This is not just a studio for fitness, we are also a community. So, if you are considering being a Hitsona owner, it’s a very, very rewarding job seeing the changes in people, the achievements they’ve made. Joining Hitsona is the best thing I ever did!

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