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Adam & Izabela Filipczak - Courier Franchisees
As a Fastway Courier Franchisee, my wife and I, are proud to be successful owner operators, running a family business in our hometown. We work and support each other, delivering to our community and supporting local businesses.
Gary McColl
Dr Noodles has become a firm favourite post-match meal for our first team! After a 90 minute game, a healthy and nutritional meal is just what the players need to reenergise and Dr Noodles hits the spot. Not just our players, but our staff also love their variety of flavours and options they provide too. I’d like to thank the Dr Noodles staff for being extremely helpful and accommodating with our large, and sometimes last minute orders!
I love owning a Transworld Business Advisors for a couple of reasons. One, I’m passionate about business and I’m passionate about entrepreneurship – so being able to see different types of businesses and helping owners sell those businesses is great. And, two, Transworld is more of a lifestyle business. We have a physical office, but we don’t have to be there. We’re from Colorado; we love to ski and hike. We’ve even done meetings in a gondola and on camping trips. My husband goes hunting with our attorneys every year. So that is all very attractive as well.
Satwinder (Dublin Franchise)
We are thrilled to bring Nutty Scientists programmes to Dublin. Whether it is an after-school class, a workshop, a camp, a science show or a birthday party, children and parents absolutely love our programmes. Kids learn, observe, discover, experiment, and make conclusions in a supportive, interactive and entertaining environment. It is very fulfilling knowing you are making a difference in these kids’ lives. When I saw the benefits of Nutty Scientists and the support system in place it was an easy decision to make. There is always new ideas and new sales channels.

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