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Join The World’s Largest Branded Products & Marketing Services Franchise.
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This award-winning franchise has a proven business concept that will help jump start your successful automotive tool business today.
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An opportunity to build sales and profitability with maximum business efficiency and minimal management hassle.
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Trends and Facts About Retail Franchises

Retail sales account for a large proportion of Ireland's economy.

More than a third of consumer spending goes through retail stores. With consumers flocking to retail stores to do their shopping, there is a great chance for retail franchises to capitalise on this market.

With consumers of all ages spending at retail stores, a retail franchise can target any or all of these demographics and succeed in achieving a high income potential.

Ireland's over-65 population is set to grow in upcoming years. These consumers will have plenty of cash to spend, as a growing number of the over-65 population have private salary pensions.

Employed adults aged 35-54 years are the most likely to spend their disposable income on retail, as they have accumulated wealth and are still employed.

Youth consumers shop around a lot these days, giving opportunity for newer retailers to succeed. They're not generally loyal to a certain brand and will spend more time browsing in shops to find what appeals to them.

It's easy to start your own retail franchise, as you can begin with an established brand and build your business from there. Retail franchises are taking off now, so take advantage of the rapidly growing market.

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