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Buying or Selling Franchises Post-Pandemic: Expectations and Requirements

As the world attempts to return to normal, we look at the expectations and requirements when it comes to buying and selling a franchise in a post Covid-19 society.

Online Franchises Seeing Surge During Covid-19 Pandemic

Discover the advantages of investing in an Online Franchise during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Agricultural Franchising: The Pros and Cons of an Emerging New Sub-Industry

Agricultural franchising is emerging as a new sub-industry in the field of franchising. But what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages that come with it?

Franchise Direct Releases 2020 Edition of Top 100 Franchises Report and Ranking

Franchise Direct has released its latest Top 100, ranking the top global franchises for prospective franchisees to explore.

Franchises For Children

Running a franchise for children can be an incredibly rewarding career choice. Our latest blog post analyses the opportunities on offer.

Fitness Franchising in Ireland

Our latest blog post outlines the surge in the commercial appeal of the fitness industry in Ireland and analyses why gyms and weight management businesses are an increasingly popular choice for franchising.

Irish Retail Industry Report 2016

A brief look at the Irish retail industry in 2016, ongoing industry trends and several prominent Irish retail franchises.

Irish Food Service Industry Report 2016

A report on the state of the Irish food service industry, ongoing trends, and the status of food service franchises.

Financial Services Franchises

The increasing complexity of the financial services market means that many consumers are now looking for a wide range of businesses that will help make financial decisions and services easier and more accessible. Financial services franchise businesses are filling this gap and creating huge profits. Find more information about financial services franchises in this article. Find more information about financial services franchises in this article.

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