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Fitness Franchising in Ireland

Fitness Franchising in Ireland January 2018 Blog

In today's world of takeaways, fast food, computer games, the internet and alcohol, it's no wonder increasing numbers of people are looking to take care of their bodies and bypass the coronary bypass.

One of the most common New Year's resolutions, apart from quitting smoking, is to join a gym and get fit – even if the average fitness hopeful only stick it out for a few weeks.

This is becoming increasingly true as government initiatives, magazines, TV programmes and health charities are finally getting a successful message across: that exercise is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life.

But with most people unable to afford their own exercise equipment in their home, it is one of the most popular methods of helping cut down on weight and improve people's general health.

And this means gyms have an escalating market and the potential for rapid, and massive, growth.

Over the last number of years fitness franchising has become an increasingly popular choice for franchisees in Ireland. There has been a noticeable shift in the Irish mindset towards healthy living and exercise, and this has been reflected commercially in the influx of fitness businesses on the market. Fitness businesses such as weight management companies or gyms often work from a specific model or set of procedures. In this respect, it is valuable to opt into a franchise agreement, as the business operations and infrastructure will already be firmly established and proven to work. The financial requirements will also be clearly defined, eliminating the guesswork involved in setting up your own business venture. The franchisee will be guided by the experience of an established enterprise.

The fitness industry has become increasingly competitive. This means that brand recognition, as ensured with a franchise, can be a powerful advantage in a business that is already highly stimulated. Individual franchises can benefit from the success and innovation of the franchise system as a whole. These collaborative benefits may take the form of marketing and operational support, as well as new fitness programmes or regimes.

Weight loss management franchises are becoming an increasingly popular choice for numerous reasons: they capitalise on the fitness and healthy lifestyle trend, the setup costs are minimal, and they can be run part time. Anyone from any background or walk of life can run a gym or weight management franchise; contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a fitness expert or gym addict. Most fitness franchisors offer comprehensive training and support programmes to ensure that franchisees are comfortable and confident with their enterprise.

Fitness franchises can be run part time, making them an attractive choice for busy entrepreneurs or working parents. Set monthly or annual membership fees ensure a steady stream of income. Gym equipment can be very costly, and in many cases the franchisor will provide equipment for you. Franchisors will often also supply various manuals and materials relating to the gym – the franchisee will simply need to supply the staff. Gyms are usually established in specific areas, often near where young professionals reside, ensuring a solid customer base.

In conclusion, fitness franchises such as weight loss management businesses and gyms continue to be very popular choices for franchising. Their popularity is evidence of the worldwide trend for healthy living, and an increased interest in health, nutrition and fitness that has taken the business world by storm. For more information on the healthy-eating trend that has become popular in Ireland check out our Healthy Convenience Food as a Popular Choice for Franchisees blogpost.

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