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Healthy Convenience Food as a Popular Choice for Franchisees

Healthy Convenience Food as a Popular Choice for Franchisees

Thanks to recent press coverage of the affects bad lifestyle choices can have, people today are becoming more concerned than ever about their health, taking more exercise and eating much more sensibly.

Sales of health foods, vitamins and supplements are going through the roof as consumers seek out the latest wonder foods and diet aids, providing budding entrepreneurs with the perfect environment to set up a successful health food store franchise.

While anyone with good business sense can successfully run a health food store, it does help if franchisees believe in what they are promoting. Therefore someone who is dedicated to helping others and who has a genuine interest in alternative medicine, special diet foods and natural remedies would be the ideal candidate to run such a franchise.

An awareness of environmental issues and a natural distrust of pesticides and genetically modified (GM) foods will also help franchises to sell their products convincingly and encouraging customers to opt for healthy, natural produce. Qualifications in nutrition could also prove very useful.

Managing any retail outlet can be a demanding job, so franchisees must be motivated and willing to put in long hours in order to keep the business running successfully.

Potential health food store franchisees need to look carefully at the location of a franchise before making any decisions. It is important to ensure that there is enough demand for health foods in a given area and that a nearby supermarket intent on cashing in on the popularity of organic food is not going to provide unwelcome competition.

Indeed extensive market research should be carried out in order to discover which types of people the business is expected to attract and where they are most likely to shop.

Some health food stores, in response to the rising popularity of alternative food and medicines, have added various services to their range as well as products, for example as allergy testing and aromatherapy. Franchisees must therefore decide which kind of business they wish to run and work to reach their target audience accordingly.

One benefit of investing in a franchise however is the ability to take on an already-established brand name and benefit from marketing and advertising support.

Investing in a franchise business could also be beneficial for those who have less experience dealing with suppliers, since the company will already have a number of well-established suppliers in place to provide the goods, allowing franchisees to quickly build up a good customer base without having to worry about checking suppliers' credentials.

Enthusiastic entrants to the health food store industry could find that setting up their own franchise is both a rewarding and lucrative way of making a living. But franchisees are advised to look carefully at all available options before munching on what looks to be a winning business opportunity.

A Global Phenomenon

The trend of healthy living has proved to be a worldwide phenomenon. Gyms and fitness clubs are reporting an increase in their memberships levels, tech gadgets that track health and fitness are becoming increasingly popular, and cookbooks that promote health and wellbeing through nutrition are consistent bestsellers. This healthy lifestyle has translated to the food services industry, and fast food that is also nutritious, fresh and tasty is a much sought after commodity. Many stores specialising in nutritious convenience food have opened in Ireland in the last number of years, demonstrating the increasing demand for healthy food on the go. Modern consumers are becoming more health conscious, seeking healthy fast-food alternatives that combine low-calorie, fresh ingredients with a convenient and affordable product.

The Salad Box franchise has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2012. Founded in Romania, the brand has established over fifty restaurants in the country, and has since expanded to Hungary, Algeria, the US and the UK. Salad Box expects to launch units in Italy, Spain, France, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Ireland by the end of 2017. Utilising the franchise model has allowed Salad Box to expand successfully and rapidly, both in the domestic market in Romania and internationally.

Salad Box markets itself as a healthy takeaway option, and the brand’s focus is on convenience food such as soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, juices and smoothies. These items are produced from fresh, clean ingredients and provided quickly and efficiently for the consumer on the go. Salad Box prides itself on its wide product range, offering choice and quality to the health-conscious consumer.

Salad Box is an excellent choice for potential franchisees looking to capitalise on this healthy eating trend, as the business model is well established and has proved itself to be highly successful. The brand is conscious that each international market is slightly different, and is keen to collaborate with franchisees to find an approach that best suits each individual territory.

Healthy fast-food outlets, such as salad bars and delis, can be easily adapted to suit the vision of the franchisee, and have been a popular addition to shopping centre food courts, units in service stations and airports throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This style of operation often targets small retail spaces, which helps keep overhead costs relatively low. The fact that most of the food and ingredients assembled are often raw or very easy to prepare means that there is usually no need to hire a qualified chef, another factor which can help keep the franchisee’s costs low.

The success of brands such as Salad Box demonstrates that healthy fast food is an extremely popular and viable choice for potential franchisees. The busy lifestyle of the average consumer proves that convenience food continues to be in high demand, and fast-food options that cater to the developing trend of healthy eating and healthy living allows franchisees to be confident that they will be able to develop and maintain a successful business. This demonstrates its viability as an investment choice, as the demand for healthy fast food does not seem to be subsiding.

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