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Franchises For Children

Running a children’s franchise can be a rewarding and enriching experience. For those who have a desire to work with children it is an excellent career choice and can be incredibly fulfilling. From a business perspective, it is also a very viable and profitable model.

Franchises For Children Blog Post

The children’s market encompasses a wide variety of businesses which cater to the varied needs of children and parents, ranging from very general to highly niche. This is an incredibly diverse sector and one that is primed for continued growth over the coming years. There are plenty of opportunities out there for people with specific talents and skills that may not be utilised in a regular job. A children’s franchise can allow franchisees to monetise these abilities and build a successful business.

There are many different types of franchises that are aimed at children. Below are just a small selection of the possibilities that are available in this flourishing industry:


Educational and tutoring franchises are arguably the most popular within the children’s franchise industry. A child's learning and development is a top priority for many parents, and they are keen to ensure that their children receive the best education possible in order for them to excel later in life. Educational play has become a popular activity for children to engage in, at a preschool level as well as for older children. Franchises that promote the enrichment and holistic development of a child have become very popular businesses; they encourage children to think for themselves and expose them to new experiences that may be beyond the education they receive in the classroom. Franchises in this sector include tutoring franchises, after-school homework clubs and STEM training franchises which concentrate on teaching children valuable science, technology, engineering and maths skills.

Activity and Fitness

With childhood obesity at an all-time high, businesses that focus on getting kids moving are a concept worth investing in. There are a wide variety of options available to promote exercise and activities for children. Soft play centres with cafés onsite provide children with hours of entertainment while their parents can relax, monitoring them from a safe distance. Sports clubs and fitness franchises for children are highly lucrative and can be run by a franchisee part time, either after school hours, on weekends or during summer holidays. Performing arts clubs and stage schools can also be run part time, and offer a creative outlet for children, as well as the franchisee.

Franchises For Children Blog Post


Retail franchises selling clothes, accessories, toys and books for children are also a popular choice for franchisees and can be valuable commercial additions to shopping centres and high streets. Franchises that provide entertainment at children’s birthday parties or family gatherings can provide an excellent return on investment, as they are often mobile with low overheads, and can be run part time. Photography franchises, family-friendly restaurants and childcare franchises, including nurseries and after-school clubs, also fall under the umbrella of children’s franchises and can be successful and enjoyable businesses to operate.

Marketing Your Children's Franchise

Children’s franchises can be easy to advertise, as they usually display vibrant colour schemes or eye-catching images that stand out. The brand’s franchisor will have an advertising campaign in place in order to promote the franchise nationally and possibly internationally, depending on the market. Children’s franchises are also particularly suited to local marketing schemes – you can advertise your brand in areas with high parent-child footfall such as schools, community areas and shopping centres. Your franchise will have a consistent target market, as the audience will regularly replenish as a new generation of children mature. Growing your client list can happen organically, as parents will often discuss child-related products and services with other parents.


There are many benefits to running your own children’s franchise. Some children’s franchises can be run part time, or can be a home-based business; this allows you as a franchisee to adopt a positive work-life balance. As mentioned previously, a career spent working with children can be very gratifying and rewarding. Finally, it goes without saying that operating a children’s franchise can be enjoyable, offering a welcome respite from the routine of a regular career. Start having some fun! Find the perfect children’s franchise for you today by browsing the options available on our website.

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