Stay at Home Parents in Franchising


How to Set Up a Home-Based Franchise

Find out how to set up a home based franchise in this short blog post which walks you through what you need to know before you start such an opportunity.

Case Study: Women in Franchising

Encouraging talent and nurturing strength is a Snap-on tradition, we have recruited Franchisees from many different walks of life, and as you know you don’t need to have a background in the industry to succeed.

Click here to find out more about Stay at Home Parents and financing a franchise.

There are many financial sources available to stay at home parents in setting up their own franchise or business opportunity. These include personal savings, family and friends, financial assistance from banks and the franchisor.

Home-based Franchises & Stay At Home Parents

This article is specifically addressing parents at home who were perhaps on maternity leave or have been stay-at-home parents for a long period of time. View this article on why home-based franchises are a good business idea for those who want to combine a work life with their family life.

Why Should Stay at Home Parents Start a Franchise?

There are many reasons why parents should start a franchise, including their natural skill set and abilities which make them a very attractive target group for franchisors. For more information on parents in franchising, click on the link provided.

Franchise Categories with Convenient Locations

Subway may be able to place outlets in all kinds of location, but never underestimate the convenience of home and van-based franchises.

Becoming a Mumpreneur

by Fiona Sherlock| September 04, 2012| Stay at Home Parents in Franchising

Resources for Irish Mothers in Business

Getting into business by yourself always has the potential to be daunting, however as a strong Irish woman, along with the right business skills and know how, the world in your oyster in terms of potential for success!

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