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Case Study: Women in Franchising

Encouraging talent and nurturing strength is a Snap-on tradition, we have recruited Franchisees from many different walks of life, and as you know you don’t need to have a background in the industry to succeed.

00000181-7b54-d6a8-a1e5-7b755f640000 We have never before recruited a Dealer from our Customer Services office, until now... Lynne Williams!

Lynne first thought about becoming a Dealer when Basildon Dealer Richard Morris made the suggestion a couple of years ago. He put her name forward she went out on van rides with Kevin Moss and Will Hamilton amongst others and this gave her a real taste for life in the Dealer ‘fast lane’. She was offered the chance to take up a territory when one became available, and chose to wait until there was one close to where she lives.

That was nearly a year ago and as time went by she became used to waiting. Then in February Basingstoke Branch Manager Chris Eaton called her with the news that he might have a territory available soon. It was in the south west of Northampton through to the edge of Banbury - perfect, close to where she lives and quite a lot of rural area, just what she wanted. She was interviewed again by Chris and accepted.

Lynne Williams and her franchise team

Before Snap-on, Lynne worked in the field of Human Resources for the Home Office managing industrial staff in Prisons in London, then for supply teachers and finally for nursing bank staff.

She imagined that she would never be accepted as a Dealer, but here she is on the brink of a new challenge and although apprehensive, she’s very excited about her new business. “I can’t wait” she said, “Everyone has been so supportive here. My husband and family have always been behind me and I know I always had their support, but it’s so great to know I have the help of the Snap-on organisation behind me too. I’m ready for the hard work, and I know I will have to be tough, but I’m prepared to roll up my sleeves and get out there”.

Good Luck Lynne! We will certainly miss you, but we’re behind you all the way.

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