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Stay at Home Parents and Financing

Would you like the opportunity to run your own franchise but are unsure of what personal finances you have available?

There are a number of options available to stay at home parents entering into the franchise industry, such as:

  • Personal Resources: Many parents entering into the franchise industry generally use their personal resources (savings, family and friends) as a starting point for borrowing and raising money for their franchise opportunity.
  • Financial Institutions: Some parent franchisees may turn to financial institutions for debt financing or equity financing, or both.
  • Franchisor: In some cases, the franchisor can help generate the start-up finance needed to set up a franchise.

The Bank of Ireland

This financial organisation offers expert franchise information for parents in Ireland interested in buying into a franchise opportunity. To acces

Stay at Home Parents in Franchising-1

s more information about franchising funding in Ireland, please read the Bank of Ireland's downloadable 'Live your Dream through Franchising' which will provide you with the necessary information when sourcing finance for your franchise or business opportunity.

The Bank of Ireland has set up a number of start-up business loans and advisory business managers to help parents and potential franchisees in general receive the necessary funds to invest in a franchise or business opportunity.

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