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Resources for Irish Mothers in Business

Resources for Irish Women in Business

Woman in Business

Getting into business by yourself always has the potential to be daunting, however as a strong Irish woman, along with the right business skills and know how, the world in your oyster in terms of potential for success!

Irish Business A forum for Irish women in business or looking to get into business for themselves, great forum for asking questions from your peers, as well as sharing advice and experiences.

National Women’s Enterprise Day: This annual event aims to inspire, activate and assist women across Ireland in running their own business.

Dublin Business Women’s Skillnet: Dublin Business Women's Skillnet develops and delivers tailored, subsidised training programmes for women in business. Our aim is to build their personal confidence, develop their business skill base and support them in making their business a success.

Irish Women in Business: is a professional body, representing women in business. seeks to provide women with a platform to showcase their work and provide monthly networking facilities, seminars and events. The aim of the association is to connect, inform and network amongst members. Members of the association include women from all sectors.


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