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Home-based Franchises & Stay At Home Parents

This article is specifically addressing parents at home who were perhaps on maternity leave or have been stay-at-home parents for a long period of time.

According to a study conducted by the Families and Work Institute ( it is now necessary for 78% of married couples to work in order to maintain the lifestyle that they desire. However, even though individual incomes have risen, people do not have the time nor the energy to enjoy this extra bit of income with their family.

For example, this study revealed:00000181-7b54-d6a8-a1e5-7b755f700000

  • 36% of workers say that they feel completely exhausted by the end of the workday;
  • 70% of parents feel that they do not spend enough time with their children, and that weekends are consumed by errands and housekeeping. 

For many stay-at-home mums or dads there is an attempt to spend more time in the home and with the family. This has resulted in the search for home business options that allow mums and dads to work from home. For many stay-at-home parents franchising is an effective, flexible, rewarding and supportive business option. There are lots of franchise systems set up by franchisors that are focused on targeting parents who want to work from home. Nowadays, it is becoming more commonplace for fathers to want to stay at home with their children while the mother goes out to work, and so home based franchises can offer a variety of opportunities for both men and women who choose to work from home.

Are you one of these parents who want to work from home, and achieve a healthy work/life balance? Are you interested in starting your own business? If you answered yes to these questions, you should consider franchising as a successful and flexible option to achieve your personal career ambitions.

Read the following reasons why work-at-home parents can benefit from a franchise opportunity...

  • Flexibility: Many franchise systems can offer work-at-home parents the time management flexibility they need to successfully create a happy and healthy work/life balance. This flexibility is one of the central motivations for many parents hoping to start their own franchise or business opportunity from home.
  • Security: A franchise system can offer stay at home parents a secure and trusted business model that has been proven to work. It can also offer a trusted brand name, expert training, support and on-going advice. They can benefit from associations with other franchisees in their franchise sector, building a successful franchise around a community of people.
  • Option to be your own Boss: A franchise opportunity can offer work at home parents the prospect to enter into the career world again, by offering a unique franchise system they can set up and create from home. Many parents enjoy the prospect of being their own boss, in the prospect of controlling their own destiny.

There are many benefits to operating your own franchise opportunity from home: time flexibility, no commuting to work, job satisfaction, support and training etc. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits in investing in a home-based franchise, is the excellent option it provides for parents to stay at home and mind their kids but also to re-enter the workforce again.
For many work-at-home mums and dads a franchise opportunity is a rewarding and highly satisfactory business to be part of.

Top Home Based Franchise Opportunities for Stay At Home Parents...

  • Child-related franchises: choose from sports, fitness, education, photography, creative, child care, dance, and computer franchises
  • Computer and Internet franchises
  • Service franchises: choose from home décor, home improvement, golfing, pet, cleaning, restoring, marketing and consulting service franchises
  • Vending and ATM franchises
  • Automotive franchises

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