Stick to That New Year's Resolution and Start Your Own Business

January 23, 2015 / FRANCHISE ARTICLE General Franchise Information, Guide To Buying A Franchise, The Franchisee's Perspective
Alan J Gibson, QFP, FCMI, has provided us with wise and informative articles over the last six months, and ends now with tips on how to ensure that you stick to your new year's resolution of going through the process of becoming a franchisee. Read more.

Analyse the Franchise Agreement

December 11, 2014 / FRANCHISE ARTICLE Guide To Buying A Franchise, General Franchise Information, The Franchisee's Perspective
You've done your research, and you feel ready to sign the 'franchise agreement'. But what is the franchise agreement and what clauses should be covered within the document? Find answers here… Read more.

Cost Management Franchise Auditel Celebrates its 20th Birthday

December 15, 2014 / FRANCHISE NEWSBusiness Consulting Franchises
Auditel This year, Auditel proudly celebrated its twentieth birthday. Across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and in virtually every industry sector, Auditel consultants have offered cost management solutions which have led to the saving of hundreds of millions of euro. Read more.

The Secrets of Pitching for Franchise Investment

November 24, 2014 / FRANCHISE ARTICLE The Franchisee's Perspective, Guide To Buying A Franchise, Funding the Franchise Business
Alan J Gibson is an expert franchise consultant, and he knows how to pitch for investment. In this article he teaches us how to persuade a bank to lend you money and, if that fails, where else to go for funding. Read more.

Snap-on Tools

Snap-on Tools Franchise Video

In this entertaining but informative video we learn the story of Paul Siggery, who has been a franchisee with Snap-on Tools for over two years. Here he tells of his tactics and how he made his way up from being an apprentice to an owner of two thriving franchises.