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Meet Matt Appleby: fit20 Stocksbridge

"I am so grateful that I found out about fit20 at just the right time. Now, approaching 40 I have never felt stronger!"

I was a customer first before becoming a studio owner in 2019; it ticked all the right boxes for me. It is innovative, time efficient, strength training with expert guidance, very safe and alignment focused. My strength improved hugely along with my energy levels and posture. I was soon able to pick up both my kids at the same time - which felt great!

fit20 is a great compliment to a regular yoga practice and the most mindful way I have come across to train for strength. This led me to enquire about the business opportunity as I saw how well it could work alongside teaching Yoga. I became studio owner here at Fox Valley in 2019 and haven’t looked back since.

For me and running a studio I get so much out of the support we receive from fit20. One of the great things about fit20 is The Academy which is the training process that we use to learn about the fit20 concept and way of training. There is continuous learning available so all studio owners and PTs have all the skills they need to optimise training for each customer and learn about any new advances in technology or science developed by the Dutch head office.”

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