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Eazi-Apps offer a robust CRM solution to help entrepreneurs succeed

As customers move further away from being a "contact" and closer to that of an actual client or customer source, CRM is evolving beyond managing contacts.

To grow a business, companies need to be able to provide consistent customer experiences and scale personalised interactions.

Businesses need a modern, flexible system to gather and process real-time data. They should use software to generate and analyse sales reports, redirect campaigns, and build more vital strategies.

The Eazi-Apps Sales and Success Centre is a powerful CRM system engineered to accelerate a business.

This innovative CRM system will enable an entrepreneur to:

  • Manage customer communication
  • Send ready-made email campaigns
  • Generate professional proposals
  • Schedule meetings with a click of a button
  • Get notified about ‘hot’ leads
  • Receive a sales pipeline forecast

Eazi-Apps partners can now manage their clients, sell smarter and focus on hot leads in the Eazi-Apps Sales and Success Centre.

Eazi-Apps is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and local businesses with the tools necessary for success. By providing partners with the Sales and Success Centre, Eazi-apps has created a pathway to success. As a result, they've helped their partners launch businesses in over 40 countries!

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