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Looking For A Safe, Supportive And Successful Environment? Then a Synergy Stocktaking Franchise might be right for you.

It offers you the opportunity to choose your own work/life balance, working when, where and how you want with unlimited support from your franchisor.

Direct your energy, determination, and attention into your own business, be your own boss and reap the rewards directly. Having the peace of mind knowing that you will have expert training from the management team and our stocktakers.

Synergy Stocktaking is a recognised name in the hospitality trade. Our proprietary advanced stocktaking services helps our franchisees build a loyal client base. We have 15 franchisees in Ireland and cities in the UK, Portugal and Czech Republic. Franchises are also available in other Europeans cities.

Key Points To Note

  • Low overheads – all you need is your car, phone. All the equipment and our proprietary software is included in the package.
  • Quick start-up – after two to three weeks initial training you can begin stocktaking with your own customers. No stocktaking experience is required, as full documentation and comprehensive training is provided.
  • We will source your first 4 clients to get you started and be onsite to help you successfully get these clients up and running.
  • Our stocktakes are typically carried out on a monthly basis. It is a repeat business model where approximately only 18 clients is required for a full quota.
  • Approximately €11,250 (25%) of the total franchise investment is required by the potential franchisee to be eligible.

Who Are Our Stocktakers?

Our stocktakers take pride in their work and have a good head for numbers. They appreciate attention to detail, accuracy and ensure a consistent high quality result for their clients every time. Dedication and persistence are also some of the attributes that our franchisees share. Does this sound like you?

What Does A Stocktake Entail?

  • Our stocktakers usually complete one stocktake per day.
  • We can measure the volume of an open bottle of spirits accurate to 1/1000th of a bottle and also use a unique keg-weighing device engineered to measure tapped kegs accurate to 1/100th of a keg.
  • We provide our clients with extensive feedback on trends emerging within their results and methods for reducing loss and wastage, theft, etc.
  • The process is structured to ensure that each audit is carried out in the same manner each time.

Award winning

Our franchise model has been recognised with 2 nominations in the Irish Franchise Association Awards for Franchisee Of The Year /Service and International Franchise Of The Year/Service 2024. As previous winners of the Service Franchise award we are committed to ensuring our franchisees have everything you need to be successful in your investment.

To find out more about becoming a franchisee and Master Stocktaker, contact us today by filling out the request form below!

Synergy Stocktaking
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Opportunities available across Ireland and Northern Ireland.
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