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Eazi-Apps Launches App of The Month Award

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This new initiative is aimed at recognising and rewarding partners who have created exceptional mobile apps using the Eazi-Apps platform.

The winner of the App of the Month Award will receive a £250 voucher, which can be used towards any services provided by Eazi-Apps, such as app builds. The company hopes that this incentive will encourage its partners to create innovative and high-quality apps that provide exceptional user experiences.

Partners who wish to enter the competition can do so by either submitting a published app or publishing a new app using the Eazi-Apps platform. The team will then review all entries and select a winner based on factors such as functionality, design, and user engagement.

This initiative is part of Eazi-Apps' ongoing commitment to supporting its partners and promoting excellence in mobile app development. By providing its partners with the tools, resources, and incentives they need to create outstanding mobile apps, Eazi-Apps is helping to drive innovation and growth in the industry.

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