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Selecting the Automotive Franchise as Business

Automotive franchises are part of a rapidly expanding £22 billion industry that shows no signs of slowing down. These franchises typically offer minimal overheads because of their mobile nature, with no commercial leasing to worry about. With approximately 30 million cars on the road in the UK, you have the potential to own a successful business with an automotive franchise.

Is an automotive franchise the right choice for you?

When determining whether you should choose to invest in an automotive franchise, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you enjoy working with or have an appreciation for cars?
  • Are you interested in owning and running your own business?
  • Do you enjoy working with other people and taking care of clients’ needs?
  • Are you looking to get the benefits of a franchise, including an established brand, training and support?
  • Do you want to be able to set flexible hours, and perhaps even work from home or a van?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of those questions, an automotive franchise could be the right business decision for you.

What kind of automotive franchises are out there?

There are a variety of automotive franchise options that are out there, including car maintenance and repair, car sales and car valeting opportunities. Within the repair market, franchises specialise in tyre repairs, cosmetic repairs and dent removal as well as selling invaluable auto repair parts. Some of the main automotive franchise categories you can choose from are:

  • Car Valeting: Since most people like to keep their cars clean, a car valeting franchise can bring in easy profits. Most of these franchises are van-based opportunities, with the franchisee offering customer care on-site. People love being able to get their car washed while they are running errands elsewhere, and you can make a sizable income this way.
  • Tyre Repair: With millions of cars on the road in the UK, automotive franchises specialising in alloy wheel refurbishment, tyre puncture protection and tyre alignment are finding this niche market very lucrative. Tyres will inevitably suffer damage while on the road, and it’s hard for consumers to take their car for costly and time-consuming repairs. These tyre repair and alloy wheel refurbishment franchises give you an exciting opportunity to take advantage of this large and potentially rewarding customer base.
  • Minor Damage and Cosmetic Repair: Minor damage occurs at a considerably higher rate than devastating car accidents. In order to avoid having to shell out a lot of money for very little damage, many automotive franchise businesses are adopting the Small Medium Area Repair Techniques (SMART) method. These SMART-based franchises target minor damage like paint scratches on the car, minor dents and scuffed bumpers. With fast turnaround time, these auto repair franchises capitalise on a large market that meets a palpable need in the UK.
  • Automotive Repair Tools Sales: Since all of these auto repair franchises need tools to operate their businesses, automotive tool sales franchises bring the perfect solution to the problem. Other: There are even more automotive franchise opportunities for those who want to start a business in the car industry. This includes opportunities for other simple repairs, like mobile windshield repairs, auto insurance sales and even new car sales. Unique business opportunities offer franchisees yet another method of growing a successful business. This particular opportunity is dedicated to helping customers lower fuel consumption on their vehicle through a professional engine tuning.
What criteria should I use to select an automotive franchise as business?

Make sure that when you decide on which type of automotive franchise you would like to invest in, you also consider the following questions in your research and subsequent contact with potential automotive franchise opportunities.

  • What kind of brand name recognition does this automotive franchise have?
  • How much is the initial start-up cost?
  • Will there be ongoing royalties the franchisee must pay to the franchisor?
  • Is this a mobile franchise, or will I have to obtain a lease?
  • What kind of training and support do they provide?
  • Does the Franchise Agreement back up what the franchisor and current franchisees claim?

It’s important to do your homework and research which niche market automotive franchise makes the most sense for you, and then make sure it has all the hallmarks of a quality franchise opportunity.
To get a better idea of what automotive franchise opportunities are out there, browse through Franchise Direct’s directory for the one that suits you best.

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