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Office Cleaning Franchises

The commercial cleaning industry is one which is growing fast within the UK & Irish markets. More than ever businesses and commercial clients are seeking new ways of improving the office environment for its employees, ensuring the office is clean and tidy is one way of achieving this goal. As a result commercial cleaning franchises are capitalising on the stable and fruitful growth of the commercial cleaning market sector...

As competition increases the appearance a business' office premises is becoming more and more important in attracting new customers and building a good reputation; meaning of course employees are also demanding clean, well-designed spaces in which to work.

With this in mind an office cleaning franchise could prove to be an excellent opportunity for someone looking to run their own business and take advantage of the fast growing demand in the lucrative cleaning sector.

The office cleaning branch of the cleaning industry is, in many cases, more stable than other sectors such as domestic cleaning. Most new businesses when starting up or moving to a new location will look to hire cleaners as a priority – and providing they remain happy with the service they are likely to keep their cleaning contract for a long time.

While freelance cleaners are available to do the job most businesses prefer to employ commercial cleaning franchises which have a ready pool of experienced labour, rather than take a chance on someone who may not be up to the job. Providing franchisees market their services effectively, they could soon cash in.


  • When looking to invest in an office cleaning franchise location choice is key. It is important to find somewhere where there is both a high demand for commercial cleaning services, such as a city centre location where new businesses are setting up office regularly, or where there is little established competition. The franchiser can help with this important decision, but franchisees should make sure they carry out some extensive research of their own to determine where their business is likely to reach its full potential.


  • One of the advantages of owning an office cleaning franchise is that the business can be home based, van based or office based, and franchisees can employ as many or as few cleaners as they wish depending on the size of business they are looking to run and the level of profit they are looking to make. It could therefore be a suitable venture for a number of different entrepreneurial types.

Those looking to own an office cleaning franchise should be motivated and willing to work hard to achieve success. A franchise offers the unique advantage of a recognised brand name, ongoing support and a proven business model, but without dedication and competence on the part of the franchiser success may be out of reach.

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