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Today's hectic lifestyles leave little time for domestic chores and cleaning the house can be especially time-consuming. Most families take pride in their homes and spend hundreds of dollars every year on painting and decorating. But with no time to keep the house in order their efforts can easily be wasted.

That's why a vast number of homeowners are paying cleaners to do the job for them, so that after a hard day's work they can come home to a clean, tidy house. And with so many people relying on residential cleaners, what better way to take advantage of this trend than to invest in a home cleaning franchise. According to recent research in the UK residential cleaning is one of the fastest growing market sectors, with 2.7 million households spending about £11 billion in the UK, and 1.3 million households spending €0.25 billion in Ireland on domestic help. This has created a huge market with the potential for residential cleaning franchises to capitalise on this market demand...


Why choose to invest in a cleaning franchise?


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One of the advantages of choosing a home cleaning franchises is that the start up costs are much lower than other businesses. Unlike shops and restaurants, a cleaning franchise does not need a permanent base. Instead the franchisee can manage a team of maids from home, covering transport costs for their employees to get from house to house.

The day-to-day overheads will also be much lower, since there's no need to order huge amounts of stock on a regular basis. Cleaning equipment and uniforms will of course be needed, but unlike a store which must replenish its stock every day, these will only have to be purchased when needed. Indeed a cleaning franchise is a great example of a high profit, low cost business that will enable franchisees to start making money quickly.

Setting up a cleaning franchise is the perfect opportunity for less experienced entrepreneurs, since it is fairly straightforward. As long as the franchisee can manage a small group of cleaners, keep track of customer appointments and handle basic finances, the rest will come naturally.


What will the franchisor provide potential franchisees?


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The franchisor will offer training in most aspects of running the business and help the franchisee get things up and running, therefore the only skill that's really needed is a willingness to put the customer first.

Indeed making sure customers are satisfied will be the key to a successful franchise operation. Unlike a shop or restaurant which will look to attract a variety of new customers every day, a cleaning franchise will benefit from building up a portfolio of clients who book appointments once or twice a week, bringing in a regular income.

Choosing the right location in which to work is therefore crucial, since franchisees will need to make sure there is plenty of demand for regular cleaning services before setting up their business in a particular area.



The very fact the most people don't like cleaning means they are willing to pay considerable sums to have it done for them and indeed it's unlikely that the home cleaning industry will run out of customers any time soon. Entrepreneurs looking for a business that's easy to set up, easy to run, extremely profitable and has fantastic potential for growth will therefore find there are some fantastic opportunities in the home cleaning sector.

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