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Opportunities Abound: Travel & Leisure Franchising


The travel and leisure industry in Ireland – both inside and outside the country – offers numerous opportunities for franchisees. Although the recession has impacted upon the more upmarket end of the travel sector in particular, Irish consumers still love to venture abroad finances permitting, and as with many aspects of the wider market, value has become increasingly important. In other words, the cheapest package holiday is not necessarily the most popular option, with consumers willing to fork out for a more costly alternative if it affords them the chance of a more enjoyable experience. Moreover, with sojourns overseas remaining dear many people are seeking alternative routes to relaxation, and this is where the leisure industry comes to the fore. 

With the year of The Gathering now upon us, international promotion of Ireland is in full swing and as such the potential for Irish businesses to capitalise on the forecasted growth in overseas visitors to our green shores has scarcely been higher. One franchise uniquely poised to capitalise on this is My Destination, a website that provides tailored, specific information on specific holiday destinations. This knowledge is provided by local people with an in-depth knowledge of the area. If you harbour this same degree of familiarity with your locale and would like the opportunity to sell it to overseas visitors this could certainly be the franchise for you. 

Hotel Express International is another franchise that offers you the chance to attain a slice of the lucrative global tourism trade.  The franchise specialises in the retail of hotel discount programmes, a lucrative trade that can net the franchisee a lucrative income stream. The company’s success is testified by its phenomenal expansion since its foundation in the US in 1987, growing to incorporate hotels all over the world. As a franchisee, you would be charged with selling the discounted offers of said hotels, so for someone with experience in sales or even a person passionate about the industry and looking to make their first forays with the full backing of a reputable franchisor this is an opportunity not to be missed. 

Ireland’s leisure industry has also failed to escape the attention of franchising, with Sing Your Name posing a n appealing franchising prospect. Its primary business is customised children’s products, and it offers a diverse range tailored to bring joy to children everywhere. If you like injecting a little joy into children’s lives, a franchise such as this could be an option worth pursuing. 

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