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Franchises in the Irish Automotive Industry


As well as the seemingly mandatory second or third home – or maybe even a villa on the Costa del Sol for the exceptional few – one of the other pillars of opulence rampant throughout the Tiger years was a multitude of cars per family, typically two or three per household. Alas, the gloomier economic outlook we have had to endure over the last half decade has quickly grinded this decadence to a halt, with car sales struggling on ever since. Latest figures, reported in the Sunday Business Post, reveal that car sales for the opening quarter of 2013 are down 14% on the previous year, a bum note to hit at what is normally a peek period for new automobile purchases. 

But change is not all bad, and the turning tide has brought opportunity in its wake. Falling car sales indicate that Irish customers are keeping their cars for longer now than before, mirroring a trend evident across the Irish Sea where UK drivers are now holding onto their cars for more extended periods of time. 

In Ireland, this affords automotive franchises with opportunities denied to them in more affluent years when turnover of cars occurred at a much more regular rate. With Irish families trying to squeeze as much usage out of their vehicle as possible, upkeep has become more paramount than ever before, and this is where automotive franchises come in. 

“Motorists may not be up for risking the major investment linked to purchasing a new car, however it seems that they are prepared to invest in maintaining their existing cars to extend vehicle life and improve residual value,” says Tim Harris, Chief Executive of ChipsAway.

“This is great news for franchisees such as ours who provide minor automotive paintwork repairs in a matter of hours and – most importantly in the current climate – at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop methods.”

ChipsAway is a UK-based franchise specialising in paintwork repair and seeking to expand into Ireland. In its homeland, it repairs one car every minute, testifying to its phenomenal popularity and earning potential. It is held in equal esteem by its franchisees, who receive full mentoring regardless of their previous experience and can operate at hours that suit their needs, making this an ideal opportunity for franchisees with families and other commitments. 

Self-maintenance of their vehicle is also critically important for any committed motorist, and for this they need to be kitted out with a full, durable set of tools. Snap-on are one of the world’s leading tool brands, and are offering you the opportunity to earn a fantastic living by retailing their equipment in Ireland. With top-notch support and excellent training, Snap-on will furnish you with everything you need to make your franchise a success, and in turn make a big difference to motorists in your area.

One of the most common obstructions face by motorists across Ireland is also one of the most irritating; punctures. Roads in rural areas continue to leave much to be desired, and so deflation of tires is an all-to-frequent occurrence. Puncturesafe is ideally suited to help remedy this persistent problem through providing a permanent puncture prevention system to Irish drivers, and as a franchisee charged with implementing this in your area you could stand to gain access to a unique and thriving revenue stream. This franchise can be operated part-time or full-time by male or female franchisees regardless of their past experience, and as such is ideal for franchisees of all circumstances. 

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