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Be a part of an elite product with WeWheel. Ahead of the curve with our tech and business model. We provide you with all the tools to bring local adventure & fun to your community.

One simple decision to purchase eBikes for a quicker and more sustainable way to commute to work, sparked the ignition for a new idea of an eBike tour company.

As a seasoned tourism development team with thousands of kilometers on the clock, delivering high quality tourism experiences to thousands of new and repeat customers every single year, we were aware our guests still wanted to explore the area they were visiting, but options lacked in the middle ground between all day bus tours and two-hour walking tours.

WeWheel offers the opportunity for customers to discover the local gems and culture of your chosen location, through guided, self-guided and scavenger hunt eBike tours. Allowing the guests to immerse themselves, with locations and attractions they would not be able to experience on a traditional tour and within a matter of hours.

The Franchise Opportunity

Ready To Go Business Model

We make it as simple as possible to get off the ground. Our headquarters will take the stress out of starting your own business by providing you with the connections and tools to get started.

With a low franchise fee, and low start-up costs, WeWheel is focused on creating the best relationships with our franchise partners. WeWheel was built off the passion for our local area and sharing it with others. We are looking for partners who want to share their love of their location with visitors from around the world.

At WeWheel we use step-through eBikes to provide an experience for people of all abilities. This allows you to target a wide range of visitors with various physical abilities. This combined with the latest technology in our custom app and intercom smart helmets, the customer is able to have a calm and interactive experience with their guide.

Our self-guided tours and scavenger hunt allows guests to connect their helmets to our custom app on their phone, to listen to their audio guide, who provides directions and information about the area, for their journey.

Reasons to Become a Franchisee

  • Be a part of an elite product & business with your own unique love of your local area.
  • WeWheel is ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest in eBike tourism technology.
The team at HQ will provide support throughout your journey by:

  • Providing you with all of the onboarding tools.
  • Continued global marketing & distribution.
  • Collaboration and assistance on creation and design of your tours.
  • Transformation of your tour into an immersive experience via our custom app.
  • Creating a competitive price point for your local market.
  • 3rd party seller management.
  • Oversight of customer queries.
We guarantee we will have your franchise up and running within 8 weeks of your signed agreement, giving the best opportunity to get visitors in quickly.

Franchise Requirements

If you are a budding entrepreneur or own a pre-existing business, WeWheel could be the perfect opportunity for you.

WeWheel is a perfect chance to add an additional activity and revenue to: Tour Operators, B&B’s, Café’s, Bike Shops or Rentals, Activity Providers.

You Take Care Of:
  • Local marketing and distribution through hotels, cafes, restaurants, activity providers, tour operators, etc.
  • Providing a minimum of 5 days a week availability for your tours.
  • Ensuring bikes and equipment are in top working order and provide maintenance when required.
  • Sharing your passion about your location and local community.
  • Provide a unique and unforgettable experience for all guests.
As the franchisee you can decide if you would like to offer guided and self-guided tours or just self-guided tours, which requires a smaller time investment throughout the week.

A personal and local touch towards our guest’s tour experience is key. You will immerse your visitors in the true experience of the local area.

Financial Information

We have a fee of €5,000 to join WeWheel as a franchise.

If you are starting out in the eBike industry the minimum investment will be around €22,000.

However, if you have a pre-existing fleet of high quality eBikes this could be significantly cheaper at around €5,000. This investment covers the essentials to open and operate as a WeWheel Tours & Games franchise, allowing you to open your doors to your guests of the local area straight away.

The Next Steps

The team here at our head office in Galway are ready to provide you with a ready to go business.

Get in contact with to schedule your first call with the team.

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WeWheel Gallery
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Minimum Investment:
Franchise Fee: €5,000
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