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Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness are the largest and fastest mixed gender fitness franchises in the world. First established in 2002, the franchise's gyms are filled with professional, highly trained employees whose aim it is to make the lives of people better and healthier. Fitness entrepreneurs Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortension recognised that consumer needed access to convenient, affordable gyms. Anytime Fitness's mission is to help people by showing them how to have a fit and active lifestyle. They have had a substantial impact already and are continuing to expand worldwide. Their outstanding business model can be identified as the secret to their success. The company offers 24/7 training, thanks to the latest technical software and consumer systems that allow members access during unstaffed hours. There are already more than 3,000 Anytime Fitness locations worldwide across 30 countries, meaning people can train anytime, anywhere.

Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Anytime Fitness as the 'Number One Global Franchise' five years in a row, as well as giving it the number one spot in their 'Top 500 Franchises' fitness category. 70% of the gyms are located in the US, throughout all 50 states. The company's goal is to soon have 4,000 gyms in the US and 4,000 around the rest of the world.

Franchise System

Anytime Fitness offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own business, while also making a real difference to people’s lives. There are two different types of franchise ownership. Individual franchising allows for one or more gyms to be owned and operated directly. The franchise is purchased from the master franchisee in that region and continued dealings with the company are with the master franchisee. The second option relates to an area developer agreement; the franchise rights are purchased directly from the company. The franchisee can decide to operate some or all gyms in that region, or to sell sites to individual franchisees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Anytime Fitness is dedicated to helping people improve their own lives, keeping their customers welfare at the heart of the business model. The Anytime Fitness website highlights customer success stories, celebrating their fitness journey. Anytime Fitness also wants to ensure their employees are living active and fulfilled lives. The offices at Anytime Fitness headquarters have standing desks, as well as the option of treadmill desks, in an attempt to combat sedentary lifestyles. The 'Anytime Fitness Employee Wellness Programme' is also in place to ensure their workers are happy and healthy.


Anytime Fitness have recently launched an app providing users with over 1,000 different work outs and constant body monitoring, both inside and outside the gym. Anytime Fitness aim to have close to 300 stores open in the UK by the end of 2018. The company remain focused on achieving this goal in spite of Brexit and its possible implications. The company is confident that it will secure 90 more gyms by the end of the year.


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