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A franchise fit for the future

About Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness launched in 2003 and set a new benchmark for innovation in the fitness and franchising markets.

Since then, we have continuously evolved to maintain our leading brand position, delivering top-tier support for both franchisees and members across our 1,000+ gyms in 20+ countries.

As the fitness industry grows, our mission is to continue to be known as the most inclusive fitness experience, which appeals to a broad market and delivers a profitable franchise business model.


We provide an inclusive gym experience, leveraging technology and key partnerships to provide a premium gym experience at an affordable cost which appeals to a broad audience.


Our membership base grew by 14% year on year across the same number of sites against an industry backdrop of 3.4% with the 3rd highest number of new gyms opening. (2023 The State of the UK Fitness Industry Report).

We continued to grow our memberships base across 2023 achieving +23.7%.


Our team provide you with the playbook to make opening your own gym simple. We will help with planning and securing finance, sourcing property, recruiting, and training, pre-sales and launch, as well as ongoing support at every step of the way.


Our franchisees typically see a return on their investment 3 years, enabling them to become multi-location owners at pace to build a secure investment portfolio.

Full support structure

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Working with the right partners in the right way is central to our approach to continue developing the Snap Fitness brand.

Whether you’re looking to be an Owner Investor or an Owner Manager we have a robust support system in place from the very start.

What we provide

  • Planning and finance: Access to funding opportunities through partnerships with leading lenders
  • Property: In-house property experts to help you find and develop the right sites.
  • Recruitment and training: Access to the best candidates available through our recruitment partners. Comprehensive training for you and your team.
  • Pre-Sale and launch: Marketing support and continued coaching help keep you on the front foot.
  • Personal contact: Your franchisee business manager will ensure you have the insights and support to run your business effectively.
  • Ongoing growth: Continuous support with operations, coaching and marketing. You can start as a multi-club owner – or we’ll help you work towards this in 3 years.
  • Member analytics: Innovative back-end technology with insight into member behaviour and needs.

Our Franchisees

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The Snap Fitness estate will reach the 100-club open milestone before in 2024. We have a strong property pipeline and are seeking ambitious, service-orientated franchisees who share our mission and who want to be part of the growing global health and wellness market.

These partners will be forward thinkers who appreciate the commercial opportunity that results from helping people discover a lasting passion for an active lifestyle.

We offer a relatively low up-front investment, the opportunity for a fast ROI – 3 years – and a clear path to long term, sustainable growth. Our dedicated London-based team of experts will support you every step of the way – from sourcing your properties – through to opening and running a successful fitness business.

The Next Step

To get in touch with a representative from Snap Fitness, simply fill out the form below:

How I became a multi-unit franchisee in just two years

For some franchisees, becoming a successful multi-unit owner can be several years in the making. However, for Sam Aujla it only took two.

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Now operating three Snap Fitness locations in Christchurch, Cross Hands and Melksham – with his first Irish club opening in Ireland in September – and already servicing close to 5,000 members, Sam believes that hard work and a great franchisor-franchisee relationship are the key ingredients to his franchising success.

How I got started in franchising

After graduating from Nottingham University in 2018 with an accounting degree, Sam found himself exploring career options. He initially stepped into an accounting role in Canary Wharf. However, due to the work-life balance, he soon realised it was not for him. He then teamed up with his dad working in property development and, after a successful year, the pair started looking for franchises to invest in.

“Dad and I decided that franchising would be a great route for us to go down. We noticed how well the fitness industry was performing and decided we wanted to get involved. And after looking into a range of huge fitness franchises, only one really stood out to us – Snap Fitness,” explained Sam.

Why I chose Snap Fitness

“It was clear from the get-go that the brand shared our ambitions - as soon as we met the team, we knew it was the business opportunity for us. In our initial meetings with other brands, it felt like they were more interested in our investment capital. However, the team at Snap Fitness created a great atmosphere and made us feel like they wanted us to succeed. Neither Dad nor I had prior experience in the fitness industry, but they assured us that they would be able to assist us in finding a location, training staff and getting us up to speed with the day-to-day operations.

My experience so far

“It’s been just over two years since we opened our first gym in Christchurch. The team came through on their promises - the support has been amazing. Each department is there to help whenever I have a question or new challenge. The operational support has also been fantastic, as has the help we received in marketing our locations. Over time, I’ve developed my skill set and can confidently say I now understand what it takes to run a franchise – or three.”

“My favourite thing about franchising with Snap Fitness is that we are helping people better themselves. We create a community feel at our gyms, which really makes a difference to our clients. Watching our members become happier, more confident and reach their goals is amazing to see.

“Snap Fitness is different to other gyms on the market because we offer the convenience of training with top-quality equipment and technology – like treadmills and exercise bikes - but at affordable prices, which is something the market has been crying out for. The only evidence you need for this is that the network keeps going from strength to strength and we keep opening new studios. Looking forward, my Dad will be stepping away from the business shortly and my brother I plan on continuing to develop our network of gyms.”

My advice to prospective Snap Fitness franchisees

“My advice for anyone interested in investing with the Snap Fitness brand is that you just need to trust the process. Once you join, you become part of a team full of industry-leading experts. They have been there, done it and got the t-shirt. So, you know you’re in safe hands,” said Sam.

If you’re ready to join one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, why not get in touch now and take the first step on your new path to changing lives?

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Snap Fitness 24/7 | Franchisee Testimonial

Snap Fitness 24/7 | Franchisee Testimonial
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Snap Fitness 24/7 | Tour of The Club
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Snap Fitness 24/7 | The Franchise Opportunity

Snap Fitness 24/7 | The Franchise Opportunity
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Snap Fitness 24/7
Snap Fitness Image
Snap Fitness 24/7
Snap Fitness 24/7
Snap Fitness 24/7
Snap Fitness 24/7
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