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Darren Colgan

Four Star Pizza Image
Press Eye - Belfast - Northern Ireland - 09th July 2020 Photo by Philip Magowan / Press Eye
Philip Magowan/Philip Magowan / PressEye

From Four Star Pizza driver to franchisee, County Antrim man Darren Colgan started work as a delivery driver for Four Star Pizza Belfast when he was aged 19. Darren then left to go to university in Scotland where he also learned a lot working part-time as a driver for a different pizza chain while studying at Edinburgh University.

"I started as a driver and now I employ 43 staff and have 58 contracted drivers. Before becoming a franchisee, I worked as a delivery driver in the Belfast stores for a few years before moving in-store to work. I worked my way up to management and then finally to owning my own stores, it's been hard work, but I've really enjoyed being able to set up my own stores."

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