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Atif Hussain

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Atif Hussain, originally from Pakistan, graduated with a business degree from a UK university. He came to Ireland in 2010 and worked in a large pizza chain in a senior management position for several years.

“Before I invested in Four Star Pizza as a franchisee, I was an assistant manager in a large pizza chain for seven years, so this business opportunity was very close to my heart, and it made sense as I had a lot of experience in the industry. Four Star Pizza was the perfect business investment for me. Recently, I have also invested in Bun Bros which is great as I have two excellent brands under one roof. Working with Four Star Pizza’s head office has been really helpful: They will always answer all your questions so you will never be left in the dark. It’s great to have the support of an experienced lead team rather than just yourself because if you’re unsure of something or have a question, it will always be answered quickly, and you never feel alone in running your business.”

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