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Join Eazi-Apps to help local businesses thrive with ground breaking mobile apps

Mobile commerce is dynamically evolving and continues to shape the e-commerce landscape. Helping a local business utilise mobile apps is a major way you can help them to adapt and take advantage of the benefits of mobile.

The industry has some of the best statistics to boast when it comes to the current shopping generation.

According to;

  • Global mobile e-commerce sales are projected to hit $3.56 trillion.
  • 79% of those who use smartphones have made an online purchase through it in the last six months
  • Mobile commerce sales from retailing is projected to hit over £100 billion by 2024
  • 82 billion hours were spent in shopping apps in 2021

M-commerce matters to the sellers, consumers, and the search engines that connect the two. Moreover, it is an incredibly profitable sector and more and more local businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to increase their chances of success.

The team at Eazi-Apps can enable you to help local businesses to evolve with the ever changing attitudes of the consumer. With an innovative shopping cart feature, you will be able to help organisations increase sales.

The Eazi-Apps business opportunity includes everything you need to earn a repeat income building beautiful apps for businesses.

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