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Eazi-Apps partner says their service gives ‘businesses the opportunity to connect with their customers in a different way’

Current partner Barbara Pilgrim describes the advantage a business can have by using the Eazi-Apps technology, saying “I see it as an exciting new marketing channel, which gives businesses the opportunity to connect with their customers in a different way. I always say that mobile apps are a marketing and communication tool that helps to engage customers and to encourage repeat business.”

When asked about what interested her in the Eazi-Apps opportunity, Barbara said “Before I joined Eazi-Apps, my background was in graphic design and marketing. I was self-employed and decided I needed to add something to the service I offered, but I didn’t want to start something from scratch. I found Eazi-Apps and they fitted really well with what I was doing. So, if I’m offering to help businesses with mobile apps, I can also offer support afterwards, which includes marketing collateral. The nice thing about Eazi-Apps is that it is a tried and tested, developed platform, which meant that I could design and develop apps. I couldn’t build an app due to not being a developer, so Eazi-Apps were the perfect choice.”

The team at Eazi-Apps can enable you to help local businesses to evolve with the ever changing attitudes of the consumer. The Eazi-Apps business opportunity includes everything you need to earn a repeat income building beautiful apps for businesses.

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