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The Wine Buff was developed to meet growing customer demand for quality wines at affordable prices. We offer our customers a comfortable, enjoyable and affordable way to buy specially selected wines.

The Wine Buff® is Ireland’s largest independent franchised wine retailer and 100% Irish owned and managed. The company opened its doors to the public in December 2000, when it commenced trading from its first outlet in Limerick, Ireland. The franchising company began in 2002 and since its conception, the company has grown to 8 successful franchised wine shops across Ireland, plus two concession shop locations and a shop in St Emilon, France.

An Independent Approach

Paddy O'Flynn, one of the three principals behind The Wine Buff, has been resident in St. Emilion, Bordeaux, since 1998. A former manager of 'La Tour des Vins', one of the premier wine-shops in St. Emilion, he is perfectly located to find extraordinary wines at ordinary prices. Rene Baylet, Paddy's father-in-law, is a former recipient of the prestigious award, best wine-producer in France regarding quality and price. Rene's son, and Paddy's brother-in-law, Richard, is the proprietor of four mobile wine-bottling plants, keeping him in daily contact with the lesser known, smaller producers who manage to produce some of France's top wines.

With their active co-operation, and the help of his many contacts, Paddy finds the best quality wines within the different price ranges in the wine growing regions of Europe, guaranteeing the consumer real value for money. The result of having Paddy O'Flynn in place allows our customers to choose from a very individual selection of wines, all exclusive to The Wine Buff.

The Wine Buff Concept

  • All The Wine Buff shops are franchised and owner operated. The Wine Buff offers our customers a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable way to buy wine.
  • As a Wine Buff franchisee you will enjoy the challenge and rewards of owning your own business, but will also receive continuous support from The Wine Buff team.
  • We source quality wines at quality prices direct from small family owned vineyards and will always continue to carry on this practice. All wines imported by The Wine Buff are only made available to The Wine Buff shops.
  • We are building The Wine Buff to be recognised and accepted as the leading supplier of "extraordinary wines at ordinary prices".
  • Friendly help and support are always available from The Wine Buff team. We will help you set up almost every aspect of your business and provide ongoing business support.
  • We choose motivated and dedicated franchise partners and help them become successful business owners.
  • When you take a Wine Buff franchise, your success is our success. It's one team. We want people to achieve financial success and an enjoyable way of life.

Interested in Owning a Wine Shop?

Our franchisees come from many backgrounds. We look for individuals who have:
  • High personal integrity with a strong desire to succeed.
  • The ability to manage finances.
  • A willingness to complete a training programme and become proficient in all aspects of operating a Wine Buff business.

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The Wine Buff Master Franchise

The Wine Buff Master Franchise Opportunity

The Wine Buff
The Wine Buff
The Wine Buff
The Wine Buff
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Franchises available throughout Ireland.
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