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Business Opportunity - Start a Laundry Room Business Today

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Laundry Room is the business opportunity for you.

We are looking for professionals that want to build a multi-unit empire.

About Us

Laundry Room and Laundry Room Express offer high end, modern laundry business options offering state of the art eco-friendly machines. You will be backed by a leading laundry equipment specialist company who knows and understands the market.

The Business Opportunity

Open your own laundry using a tried and tested working model.

Backed by Reliance Laundry Equipment - specialists in Laundry equipment Sales and Services.

Reliance Laundry Equipment provide a turnkey operation, we have many years of expert knowledge of the industry to support you throughout the process.

We are an Irish Company, and member of the Guaranteed Irish Federation and are shortlisted for a Guaranteed Irish Business Award.

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Reliance Laundry Equipment offer two options:

Option 1 – Laundry Room

Self-Service and Managed Service Business

Option 2 – Laundry Room Express

  • Self-service
  • Enclosed Compact Unit
  • No Staff Required

For serious investors we can offer a guided site visits for both options with in-depth discussion on how the business works.

Reason to Invest

  • Laundry is an essential business, and everyone needs clean clothes.
  • It is a fragmented industry that hasn't been changed in years – ready for a change
  • Laundrettes cash flows quickly with a very high success rate.
  • Laundrettes serve thousands of customers nationwide.
  • Ireland weathers increases demand for excellent drying
  • 2 in1 Business: Self Service & Serviced Laundry

Benefits of Being a Business Owner

  • Essential Business – Everyone needs clean laundry
  • Simple Labour – Low amount of staff
  • Semi-Absentee – Business can be managed remotely
  • Tax Advantages
  • Low Marketing Spend due to repeat customers
  • Limited Inventory to buy

Investment Requirements

Start-up Costs
  • Circa €100k

  • Location is key and you must have parking
  • 3-phase electricity
  • Gas Supply (major advantage) on or near to an outside wall for air in/air out
  • Adequate plumbing services
  • The will to succeed.

The Next Steps

Learn more about this exciting Laundry Room business opportunity by clicking below for further information:

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Laundry Room
Laundry Room Image
Laundry Room Image
Laundry Room Image
Available Locations:
Opportunities available across Ireland
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Business Opportunity
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