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File and Data Destruction. Simply Done

Your Data. Our Service. Your Benefits

  • Closed security chain from collection through to certified destruction, compliant with Germany's Federal Data Protection Act and DIN 66399.
  • Comprehensive data protection consulting incl. strategy creation performed exclusively by staff with extensive expertise.
  • Specially designed cars with a special safety emptying procedure, with the security containers opened and emptied on site in the hermetically closed vehicle.
  • Special REISSWOLF e.l.s.y. security containers with individual locking rights and incident logging for maximum security, available in various sizes.
  • Client-friendly collection cycles and additional emptying as required, performed only by permanent staff bound by section 5 of the Federal Data
  • Protection Act.

Protection for the Essential

All companies work with sensitive data. It is not only important to handle this data confidentially – secure and legally compliant destruction is also required. This includes paper documents and electronic data media.

Data protection, process security, observance of statutory data retention periods – keeping this knowledge and action permanently up to date ties up resources that could be better used elsewhere. We will be pleased to support you with our expertise, for example when it comes to correctly implementing the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Our job is to ensure that no one has even the slightest chance of accessing your data without authorisation. This is something we take very seriously. Our strict security standards apply to every step in the destruction process. The data material is destroyed no later than 24 hours after delivery, in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act and DIN 66399 – and we issue a certificate to confirm this.

Furthermore, the entire workflow is regularly inspected by external quality managers and certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Where technical conditions allow, all materials are also recycled as industrial secondary substances.

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