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Archiving. Simply Done

Your Data. Our Service. Your Benefits

  • Consulting for all aspects of physical and digital archiving and management of documents – even for large-scale projects.
  • Physical file archiving in high-security archive with 24/7 web-based access/viewing.
  • Complete documentation of all archiving steps and permanent management via web-based REISSWOLF archiving software.
  • Definition of user groups and information on every file movement is straightforward – regionally or across branches.
  • Transport, archiving and file access only performed by in-house staff.
  • Scan on demand also possible at all times.
  • Back-up storage in IT briefcases with collect and bring service.
  • Certified to quality management ISO 9001:2015.

Space for the Essential

Most companies are enthusiastic about the idea of a paperless office, but are unable to implement it in full because of long-established processes and legal regulations. Instead, archives keep on growing as the result of product liability laws and the long-term archiving and documentation of all business transactions, costing more than just space.

REISSWOLF can secure, categorise and archive your data stock. On the basis of the examined physical data stock, we develop a customised archiving strategy for your company. With our web-based REISSWOLF archiving software you can request new storage submissions, files – physical or as scan on demand – labels, access rights and, ultimately, data-protection-compliant destruction at any time and from any location.

REISSWOLF’s nationwide high-security archives thus offer – in addition to a space-saving solution – efficient work processes, as the hybrid archiving makes it possible to use analogue data digitally at any time. Because, as we move towards a future where we only work with digital documents, speed and the ability to access information any time, anywhere becomes all the more important.

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