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New and updated learning academy to be launched by Eazi-Apps

The team at Eazi-Apps have supplied 300+ entrepreneurs with knowledge to help local businesses, and they are excited to announce a new and updated version of their online learning academy.

The innovative and incredibly user-friendly learning academy will assist new and existing partners in their business goals. As a result, partners can navigate through their favorite courses faster than ever with this new version. Their carefully constructed courses can be taken at leisure or through guidance from Eazi-Sites instructors. Eazi-Sites also has dedicated support staff ready to assist an entrepreneur at every step.

Eazi-Apps are on a one-way journey to ensure entrepreneurs and local businesses have the tools necessary to thrive within the mobile app industry. Whether you are new to business or not, Eazi-Apps have created a pathway to success with their learning academy, professionally designed brochures, business cards and a promotional website. They have helped partners in over 40 countries launch their own business quickly.

‘Education is the foundation upon which we build our future’ – Christine Gregoire

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