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Eazi-Apps provide the perfect solution for working from home

The mobile app industry has come on leaps and bounds since its inception over a decade ago now. It was originally not deemed as essential for companies like Apple, who did not implement an app store feature on the first versions of iOS. Since then it has generated high revenue and grown into a billion dollar industry. For many people during and post-pandemic the desire to join such a profitable industry while working from the comfort of their homes has never been more appealing.

According to;

  • Mobile Apps Account for 70% of All Digital Media Time
  • Mobile App Downloads are Expected to Increase by 45%
  • 48% of Users Admit an App Helps Determine Brand Credibility
  • Mobile App Downloads Up by 23.3% since the COVID-19 Pandemic

The team at Eazi-Apps have responded incredibly to the shift in how people conduct business and consume digital media. The team provide all the necessary infrastructure required to run a business entirely from home, and can now proudly say that over 90% of the network is comfortably operating without the need to go an office, or be restricted to one location. This means that they support businesses that operate at home, on the move, or out of a traditional office.

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