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Eazi-Apps offer a solution for challenges of app industry

Apps for smartphones or tablets continue to see exponential rise in sales and thus the industry will continue to expand. Eazi-apps can offer an exciting opportunity to anyone that wants to break into this lucrative mobile app market.

The app industry is an incredible growth market and according to;

  • Global consumer spending in mobile apps reached a record $111 billion in 2020 Apps account for 80% of users’ mobile time (on smartphones and tablets)
  • 69% of all US digital media time comes from mobile apps
  • 85% of mobile users prefer and are more comfortable with apps than mobile websites

Entrepreneurs may believe it to be a difficult nut to crack, however, Eazi-Apps are on a one-way journey to ensure entrepreneurs and local businesses have the tools necessary to thrive within the mobile app industry. Eazi-Apps in-house team of specialists will take you through every step of the process and ensure you have the know-how to start generating substantial income.

“People used to want to be filmmakers and animators; now they want to make apps” – Bill Plympton

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