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Eazi-Sites expands its team of specialists

In mid-August Eazi-Sites welcomed two new members to its team. Joe Ferguson became part of the Eazi-Sites technical team in the role of web designer. Joe has a background of web designing with businesses of varying sizes. After completing his initial training, Joe said ‘The ongoing pandemic has changed a lot of focus for businesses, and I’m happy to be joining a company that evolves with these challenging times’

Dean White was appointed as marketing executive to help further efforts in business expansion for Eazi-Sites. Dean has a background in marketing for e-commerce and service industry jobs. Dean said ‘I think it is a fantastic opportunity to join such a forward thinking company. My own goals align with those of the business and feel very positive going forward’

The new resource will add to the wide range of design styles and flare within the Eazi-Sites team and benefit the partner network immensely. Other recent additions to the business opportunity include new site templates which are of ultra-modern design and optimised for maximum sales, a comprehensive brand communication course on our online Academy and new marketing resources. Eazi-Sites remain the premium route to positioning yourself as an expert in the website business and build a significant income working from home.

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