Wayback Burgers Announces New Master Franchise Agreement and Expands Reach to Ireland

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Wayback Burgers, America’s favourite hometown burger joint and one of the nation’s fastest growing burger franchises, has announced a new master franchise agreement that paves the way for expansion into Ireland.

Zubair Najm is the entrepreneur bringing Wayback Burgers to Ireland. Zubair has extensive background in the food service industry, including 4 Apache Pizzas and 1 Subway store he currently owns and operates in Dublin City.

“We were looking for a new challenge in franchising and a new brand to add to our diverse food service portfolio, when we attended the franchise show last September in Dublin,” said Zubair. “We were about to leave when, suddenly, the Wayback Burgers sign caught our eye and we met with Bill Chemero, Wayback Burgers’ Executive Vice President who told us they were interested in seeking the right partner to become the master franchisee for Ireland and we saw a perfect opportunity to bring a well-known American brand to Ireland.

“After researching the Irish Market, looking at feedback from other masters, and reviewing the history and corporate structure of Wayback Burgers, we knew we were on to something big. After attending discovery day in the US, meeting with the full executive team, visiting a few Wayback Burgers restaurants, and trying their food, we were sold! With the combination of Wayback Burgers’ fresh food and fantastic people, not to mention the need for these products in the Irish market, it was an easy decision for us to go ahead and start negotiations.”

Wayback Burgers Director of International Development, Jason Murawski, is excited about the growth in Ireland. He says Zubair and his team are working hard to open new restaurants via single and multi-unit agreements in areas throughout Ireland.

“We are excited to work with Zubair and his team,” said Murawski. “With their experience in the food industry, we know they have what it takes to manage Wayback Burgers’ expansion in Ireland. Plus, we know they are committed to bring the best food and deliver excellent experiences to the Irish people.”


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