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Get to know more about the founders of Lingotot East Galway, Vicky Pan and Wayne Griffin

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Lingotot East Galway are currently preparing to teach in primary schools, preschools and the community at the start of the September term this year, and are offering free online Mandarin taster sessions in the run up. With their shared passion for language learning and wealth of teaching experience between them, there couldn’t be a better pair to have at the helm of this local Galway business than Vicky and Wayne.

For the past 10 years Vicky and Wayne have been teaching English and Mandarin in schools in China. Vicky was born in Heilongjiang Province, studied English as her major at university and started a career as a language teacher. Wayne was born in the UK and moved to China in 2011 where he began his career as an ESL teacher in the school where Vicky was then working (and the rest, they say, is history!). Vicky and Wayne now have a son who is benefitting from having educators as parents with his subsequent bilingualism, and who also shares their love of languages.

Behind Vicky and Wayne’s obvious experience lies a passion for language education and the invaluable global connectivity it promotes. One of their motivations in starting Lingotot East Galway was to celebrate and share their knowledge of language and Chinese culture in their new home of Galway. They have said, ‘our lives together have always been centred around language education, whether at school or at home. We have amassed some 30,000 teaching hours in the classroom, and have loved every single second. Our teaching past is your language future. - Vicky and Wayne xx’

Sofia Colás, Director of Lingotot Ireland says ‘Vicky and Wayne’s enthusiasm for language teaching and extensive experience will offer kids and parents in Galway an exciting and unique offering. They complement each other as a team, are always developing new ideas and are engaging educators projecting fun and personality into their classes.’ --

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