Generations 1,2,3 campaign launched to support elderly during coronavirus outbreak

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As the UK battles Coronavirus, national language teaching provider Lingotot, today has launched a new campaign to support the older generation as they prepare to self-isolate.

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It emerged in the news yesterday that the over 70s may be told to self-isolate 'within weeks' over Coronavirus fears. Many residential care homes have already reduced visitor numbers too which leaves the older generation at risk of isolation and loneliness.

Lingotot is doing their bit to encourage community spirit and help those in need.

Lingotot Generations was founded in 2018 on the back of studies into the benefits of children and the elderly interacting, and research showing that learning a second language can delay the onset of Alzheimers.

Classes have been suspended in many areas to protect the residents, but the company and the families they teach, want to make sure they keep in touch with their older friends.

The Generations 1, 2, 3 campaign gives families 3 simple steps to follow:

Firstly asking children to draw pictures and write letters to neighbours and residents at local care homes.

Secondly, to make video messages and email them to local care homes where they can be shared with residents.

Lastly, Lingotot is asking people to identify elderly neighbours who may be vulnerable at this time and pop a note through their door with their details and how they can help. The company has a downloadable template on their website you can print out and use.

Sarah Canavan of Lingotot Bexley who pioneered the Lingotot Generations concept said; “It is amazing to see the residents’ faces when the children arrive, and despite many of them having dementia, it is fascinating how many of them can remember all the words to Frère Jacques, and can retain words from the previous week.”

She continued; “Connections are being made, and one lovely resident even has a photo of one of the children in her room and I know the children and residents will miss each other very much.”

Angela Sterling, Founder and CEO of Lingotot added; “It is vital that we support each other as a community and stay connected in spite of the challenging circumstances. Modern technology means that we can still communicate…in many languages!”


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