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Peru Airport Energy Savings Take Flight

Photo by Will Reddaway [WR Photography]
Will Reddaway

The Client

Peru’s largest airport - sought a solution to three key issues they were experiencing, for which they had struggled to find a single, end-to-end solution.

The Solution

EnergyCloud provided the technical support for IBM Smart Energy Management Services (SEMS), to demonstrate the power of the Eniscope, focusing on the chiller systems. With 22% energy savings immediately identified after a fast, seamless installation - the Client decided to proceed with a full rollout.

Eniscope is now used to monitor 1,417 circuits across the airport - feeding information back to the EnergyCloud energy management team. They provide energy management as an on-going service and, with minute-by-minute information at their finger tips, they can continually identify energy saving opportunities across the huge facility.

That same granular energy data has also been harnessed to provide a smart maintenance system, allowing the airport’s FM company to keep critical systems running, and to provide accurate tenant billing, greatly reducing administration costs, disputes and errors.

The Statistics

  • 22% Energy Saving
  • 1,417 Circuits Monitored
  • 10 Year Contract
  • $0 Up-Front Costs
  • ROI - Infinite

The Future

Lima Airport have been so impressed with the work of EnergyCloud, they have committed to a 120 month project. They appreciate the ability of the skilled energy management team to continue to make savings over a long period.

With behaviour modification strategies already paying dividends, the team are now exploring a raft of other energy-saving opportunities including:

  • Remote Temperature Control: Using state of the art thermal sensors, LAP will be able to moderate temperature levels within the airport, minimising energy otherwise wasted on heating.
  • Eluma: Our intelligent LED lighting product. With vast spaces to light, our daylight sensing LED luminaires will make a massive difference. And with Eniscope’s comprehensive data, these sorts of retrofit technologies can be carefully monitored to verify their value.

“At one of the largest airports in South America, the airport operators needed to comply with ambitious energy reduction goals... Eniscope was the chosen platform to provide the flexibility, cost and ease-of-use to measure 1,417 circuits; identifying energy leaks, electrical safety issues and providing automatic billing and CO2 reporting.” - ROBERTO FLORES, Co-Founder, EnergyCloud Consultant to IBM SEMS

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