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BEST Partner Delivers $1.3m Sustainability Project to Telefonica

BEST Partnership

Through a $1.3 million contract with BEST partner ABATE, those challenges have been overcome and the client’s valuable relationship with SENA maintained.

The Context

Telefonica is the 7th largest telecommunications company in the world with over 115,000 employees and with annual revenues exceeding $60 billion US. SENA has over 12,000 employees and operates approximately 300 vocational school locations in Colombia.

The Project

BEST’s proprietary energy monitoring and management system Eniscope lies at the heart of this remarkable deal. In combination with ABATE’s substantial sustainability expertise, the data provided by Eniscope’s combination of hardware and software has been used to substantial effect.

In total thus far, 28 Eniscopes are in action – one for every facility in the project, with 224 circuits measured. Crucially, and despite these installations stretching across 11 cities – coast to coast – all of the energy consumption can be monitored in one convenient location; at the ABATE Productivity & Sustainability Centre in Bogota, Colombia.

This functionality has been crucial to giving Telefonica and SENA an holistic overview of energy consumption across the estate. Energy savings at this stage are projected at between 12-16% in the initial period.

For Telefonica, the greatest value has been keeping their contract with SENA – a relationship which is now stronger than ever.

  • 28 Eniscope Installations
  • 224 Circuits Monitored Centrally
  • 12-16% Energy Savings

The Relationship

The Telefonica team most recently attended the grand opening of the ABATE and BEST co–branded PSC (productivity and sustainability centre). They were presented with a sneak-peak of a powerful new sustainability platform, developed by ABATE

The Future

Telefonica has since requested that ABATE present their sustainability platform to their clients at four separate events in four major Colombian cities. In addition, they requested that ABATE develop individually customised sustainability services letters for their largest clients in Colombia.

The relationship with this global giant goes from strength to strength and the possibilities are exciting.

BEST Partnership

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